About Clovetree Designs

Hello and welcome to my adventures with wool!

I love working with proper, real wool.  From fleece to fiber, I usually work from raw fleece and process my fleeces – all the washing, dyeing and spinning happens at home and in my studio.


I love playing with new techniques, and I blog about what I do.  So if you want to see how to, or simply what I’m up to, you can follow me here.

Finished works (you know the ones that I have no space to keep) are available in my etsy shop.  Most are ooak (one of a kind).  Plenty of long locks for spinners, felters and doll makers and some unique yarns for other crafters:


I always post to facebook first, so if you don’t want to miss out, follow me here http://www.facebook.com/clovetree

Classes and some extra info on my website:  www.clovetree.co.uk

I’m friendly… so stop by and say hello!



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