Wool of the day.

What a day!  (week?)


Did my first craft fair in ages, and decided to show some of my handspun and hand-dyed yarns along with my felted goodies.

Of course colour is my first love, and I had a blast dyeing, mixing, re-dyeing, dip-dyeing, splashing, pouring and spinning.  I discovered the trick of core-spinning and Navajo plying my yarns – a process that makes my poor old spinning wheel groan under the strain of super-chunky yarns.  So, I will have to look into some new spinning accessories.  It seems to me that my growth as yarn-maker comes with a price-tag… every time. (Groan!)

I’m particularly chuffed with my handspun silks.  The graded colours are lovely, random and the silk just sings.  Very difficult to photograph silk’s secrets – it seems to throw light at my lense, although the naked eye doesn’t quite perceive the silk in that way.

I’m contemplating selling these on Etsy.  What do you think?





New Knits

These patterns should be available within the next two weeks.  Am snowed under fleece just now with tomorrow’s fair and all the yarn that needs to be sorted, packed, priced, etc.  I have made the most fabulous coil-spun,  Navajo-twisted bit of yarn ever.  Kind of muted and bright.  Must get some photo’s on.  Feels really great to make something so lovely.

Photo’s, rain and philosophy

Today has been a fascinating day, full of learning new skills, turning acquaintances into friends, talking, talking, whilst the rain’s drizzle couldn’t dampen spirits, or the dreams that will come true if there is enough support around.  Yay for good people.


I’m also doing an online photography course at the moment, but it has not taken my full attention for one reason or another.  So back to basics – looking at colour, contrast, proportions and texture.  What is the story behind the picture – is it obvious?  Well, this one has a lesson – 4 year olds don’t stand still for too long!  I know it’s a bit blurry, but I love it.